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Feb 20, 2012
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Louisville, Ky
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To lead this off, I am very new at all this. Editing was done is CS5.

What can I do NEXT time to improve my shots?


No comments? What could I do to make the over all effect better? I'm a beginner, so anything helps
#1 isn't bad. Lighting is interesting, though the DOF is a little off in my opinion. Unless you were going for only half the flower in focus, I would have stopped down that aperture a bit and gotten the whole flower nice and crisp.

#2 just doesn't even compare to #1. The focus is off, there is quite a bit of blur/aberration, and honestly its just not very interesting.

Also, in the future if your looking to get lots of CC, try to post images other than flowers. Its not a bad thing, but we see TONS of flower photos, and people get worn out when it comes to handing out the same CC over and over again. Go shoot some birds or something with a bit more "life" to it :)
Thanks togalive. I didn't really know that you guys got that much flowers..... lol

I will defiantly start shooting other objects. I'm just shooting what I have available right now. I guess I need to dig through the kids toy box's and pull out a toy or 2. :D

Thanks for the bit that you did critique.
Picture 1 could be improved with a little less dead space to the right of the flower. The flower needs to be completely in sharp focus, yet your DOF is just to shallow to accomplish that. Your simple, yet effective brownish soft focus background frames the flower perfectly.

Picture 2 is just too busy the way you composed it. Your choice of out of focus white flowers would work if you had nailed the focus, so that the entire flower was spot on. There is a lot going on behind the flower, you need to make the flower pop out from the background. That just didn't happen here. Since your post production was with Photoshop, you could have made the background just a little darker to help with that POP factor.

You came close with both pictures. Composition is the real key, and both pictures had solid compositions. Looking forward to your next set.
Thanks Joel. I will remember that. I think I got too carried away with having a low f-stop lens. Again, they are beginner shots, and the DOF was not even a shimmer in my brain. But NOW it is. The next go around will be different. I also didn't like the 2nd one that much. It appears to not have a SUBJECT. Just a flower on top of flowers and not in focus.

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