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Nov 21, 2007
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My whole portfolio is at:

Please check them out and tell me how I am..

http://www.pictpicture.com/ is my personal website...all photography lovers are free to join:D

Please give me tips..it would be really very useful
Welcome to TPF first of all =)

It's kinda hard to really.... COMMENT on a photo so small, but I love the colours. Unfortunately, it seems to me slightly out of focus, but there's no way I can really tell...

I went on pictpicture.com and looked at your portfolio... (you are frankl, right?) but the picture quality doesn't seem that great. I like a couple though. Could you maybe post some specific pictures here, on the thread? That would be great =)
I agree with ^^Harmony. Small photo is hard on these old eyes. Not likely to go to be directed to another site either, please post here.

Look in the Forum section under Beginner for the stickies for appropiate image size.

Thanks for sharing.
Can u post a bit bigger version?
Heya viratshah, welcome to ThePhotoForum.

As you can see, I merged your three identical threads into one and left that one here in Landscape and Nature (this is where the photo belongs).

It would be nice if you'd take some time to read through the forum guidelines (FAQ), where you will also find this sentence:

Do not cross-post messages in multiple forums in an effort to gain attention.

I helped you get back to one post only so you are no longer in confrontation with the guidelines, ok? :)

As to your photo and your question about it, well, I cannot know how you are, I hope you are fine and not ill or so, and the photo is nice, from an interesting point of view, with the petals backlit, which I like, and the flower fills the frame, which is good, I think. Nothing distracting in the background, only the blue sky.

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