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Aug 28, 2010
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Lake Charles, LA
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Yeah I know flowers arent the most exciting subject, but trying to practice on different things

This flower was starting to wilt and it was windy so it kept flopping around.

Technically they're fine, but in both ('though more so in #1) you've got way to much 'stuff' and way too little flower. Try and get much closer to your subject and frame it so that the detail of the bloom is visible, (often shooting into the flower works well) and crop away the non-flower stuff such as the buildings in the background.
I'll try getting closer next time...these 2 flowers were in a pond. Being in a big city I was going for a nature in an urban setting kinda thing

thanks for the input
#1, you could do more to make the sky bluer.
Practice is a good thing, I have been doing lots of it myself. :) For #1, in order to get more of a nature vs. city look, I wonder if it would have worked to move a couple of those big leaves out of the way and get down lower in front of the flower to line it up directly in front of the buildings? The leaves + trees/bushes in the back might be what is keeping it from saying what you want?

Or maybe I'm full of crap. :D

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