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Feb 10, 2022
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I’m trying to decide where or not to purchase the Hero10.

Here is what I’m trying to do. I would like to start a YouTube channel for fly tying (fishing flies). What crossed my mind was to possibly get a GoPro with a head mount. Then it would record what I am seeing and tying. That lead to at least two questions:

1. Probably most importantly, does anyone believe this might be a good approach for recording video of fly tying?

2. I have no idea of how close up to the subject (in my case my fly tying vise) I can record while maintaining focus. A fuzzy or blurred video isn’t an option. Most commonly I would be 12 inches or more from my vise. Will the GoPro focus at 12 inches?

I tried GoPro support, but they weren’t overly helpful. Thank you all in advance for giving this some consideration and providing responses or feedback.

GoPros usually have very wide FOVs. Trying to show something up close will distort the scene a tremendous amount. I'd prefer using a telephoto for that.
From what I can tell the minimum focus distance is around 12". As Sparky points out, it's a very wide lens so probably not the best for macro shots.
The other problem is camera shake and/or constant movement. Not only distracting, but can cause watcher's fatigue.

Best to have the camera stationary for fine detail work like that.

Having built plastic models in years past, holding a camera up on your body while doing the work can be distracting and un watchable.

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