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Aug 26, 2015
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Hello All,

I have 2 questions:

a)I am getting a website built, and I am looking for some photographer in Florida Area who specializes in "food photography", to be more specific I should say "Macarons" .... but I don't know how this field of photography is called ! How can I search in Google ? what would be the key words to type to find the right person?

b) Do you have any recommendation who could do this work in South Florida area?

Thank you all !

.... but I don't know how this field of photography is called !
Food photography is what I would call it. Be sure to ask to see his or her portfolio of food shots.
Ask somebody who really knows photography to evaluate the portfolio of the candidates. Food photography is a demanding specialty, and it is best done by somebody who has a genuine understanding of photographic technique, principles, and lighting skill and control. There are THOUSANDS of people who say they do food photography, and the vast majority of these people churn out utter RUBBISH, using an umbrella or two, or worse yet, a light tent.

If you really want to have good photos, you will need to go to an established professional, which will not be cheap. But if you go to some weekend-type person, or lower, the photos will make your products look substandard, and there will be an aura of cheapness about every photo.

I realize everybody has a budget, and your might not be super-high, but the difference between competent food photos and the hackneyed crap that people "call" food photography has probably never been higher than it is these days. Again--there are thousands upon thousands of so-called food photographers whose work is simply awful. Awful!
I would also agree with @Derrel, get yourself an established professional. But what is "Macarons", what are you selling, making...?

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