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Jul 27, 2009
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Please let me know what you think! I cropped in. Let me know if its too tight and I will post and unedited version.


I took this with my new mkIV and I think I have fallen in love =)

Add image #2
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Someone said to me in photography there is no perfect picture because those not planned one will surprise you to be the perfect one!

This is what I love in viewing sports photography you can't have a bad photos because there is always something special on it! 85% of Sports photg turn out a good image :sexywink:

(I am a newbie but I know) You got a perfect one here :thumbup:
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That is an amazing shot. Helmets don't fly off that often and getting the shot right as it happens is awesome. I could look at it all day long.
Thanks for the replies! I'm on the newspaper staff and I shoot most games. They didn't use any of my photos from the game, I was not happy lol.

BTW, they did not call a flag on this play. I would call this face masking, right?
Depends on if his hands/fingers grabbed the actual mask. I don't think masking gets called if the helmet is wrapped in the arms.
here is the next shot

I like the first one better.
I like the first one better as well since its more like the climax of the play whereas the second feels like its at the end.
The 2 shots is a perfect timing/moment of capturing the game! its fantastic :thumbsup:
Also, it looks like he got rocked. Good on him for not fumbling.
BTW, they did not call a flag on this play. I would call this face masking, right?

What Blake.Oney said. If he didn't grab the face mask, no penalty. Helmets can come off in a number of ways and not everytime you have to blame someone for it. AFAIK only if you grab a part (I think even grabbing into the back of the helmet will be called facemask) with your hand it's a flag.

I think you should turn the pic so the horizon is level. I had a go at it plus I cropped a little on the top.


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