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Jan 3, 2006
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Birmingham, UK
I really want to take some shots of a game at my local football ground.. It's a non league football side called Bromsgrove Rovers.

However stupid I would feel taking photos at a football match (dont ask me why), I really want to try it..

Do you think they would mind me taking shots? And also, would my 200mm lens be big enough for it?

Many thanks,

Nath. :)
I have found that most people who play sports like to have their photos taken doing what they love. Might even be able to sell some to the players.

I used to go to the local high school and take pictures of the baseball players. I started giving them away and soon the parents started buying them. Never did get rich but it was fun.
Yes the 200mm should be fine but you will still need to wait for the ball to come to you, so to speak depending where you stand. I know at Bromsgrove Rovers you need to be press related to get in and take photos, inless you pay and even then you have to get permission.
try going to a practice (if it's that type of team) and just taking some photos to get a feel of it. then try going to a game.

if you still feel uncomfortable, get a lanyard and one of those plastic id card holders and put a card with your picture on it inside and wear that. :lmao:

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