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Oct 22, 2007
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Hello. After many years of traveling on a newspaper's dime to foreign assignments I am getting ready to take my own photojournalistic trip to a sub-saharan Africa on my own dime. I am looking into insurance on my gear and am emberassed to admit I don't know where to start. I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association and they offer insurance through a provider to members but I am curious if any of you have insurance through a different provider that has worked out well for you.

A couple of things:

First, I very well may have my equipment stolen so I need coverage that will include theft. Second, it is likely the camera will be damaged through fire or some other form of unusual abuse and so I am looking for a coverage plan that runs the spectrum and not one with all kinds of clauses that won't protect against this or that.

Any suggestions?

Get insured through whoever, but if you've travelled before you know the risks, travel light and if you have no access to a safe keep the kit with you at all times, not good getting there to find some tosser has wandered off with your gear regardless of insurance finding replacements where your heading won't be easy, I slept with mine in north Thailand/Laos. H
If you also happen to be a member of the PPA, they also offer an attractive insurance package for members. Short of that, pull out the yellow pages and start dialing a few local insurance companies. :)
Thanks for the responses. I am a member of LightStalkers but haven't been able to get much help there in terms of insurance, believe it or not. Personal insurance, yes, but equipment it seems as if everyone has different ideas.

Yeah, my camera bag is my pillow when I travel to such locations. Even then, it's a risk, but that is why I want the best insurance. It's easier, and less nerve racking, when it's someone else's equipment you're traveling with. When it's your own things seem to be different. Funny how that works out. Thanks and if anyone else has good insurance they like please post it below.
It would sometimes help if they knew what country and locale you are. This is an international forum and if I, as a Canadian suggesti my insurance provider and you are from Texas... thats not going to help you much. ;)
I am based out of Denver, Colorado in the United States. Definitely not from Texas... Not that there is anything wrong that!

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