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Aug 26, 2015
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Cleaning out my paps attic I found a bag of old 35mm cameras. I know next to nothing about them and wonder if you kind folk could tell me what he had.


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The Pentax MV is a short-lived camera, but still might be usable.

The Nikkormat is the real find, in addition to the 105/5 Micro lens.
A couple of standard workhorse SLRs. The first picture is blurry and I don't know much about Nikons, but here's some information on the Pentax MV: Pentax MV

Other than the Nikkor 105mm, the other lenses are off-brand. I assume the Sears and the Vivitar fit the Pentax, but not sure about the Mitakon.
The Pentax MV is a short-lived camera, but still might be usable.

The Nikkormat is the real find, in addition to the 105/5 Micro lens.

Agreed - the Nikon is the better of the two. And I say that even as a Pentax devotee! :) Well, especially because of the off-brand lenses.
As you can I'm not a photographer.. lol.. I am not quite sure what to do with them. Is there a buyers market for these items, or are they just old paper weights. I appreciate the responses.
You've got some good gear. Unfortunately, it's OLD gear, and exceedingly common. You sure aren't going to retire any time soon selling it.
You may have $200 worth of gear if everything works.
Thanks.. just don't know what to do with it. The wife doesn't want to store anything unnecessary.
You can sell them on ebay (check sold listings for an idea about prices) or Craigslist.

You could donate them to Goodwill or a local school that still teaches photography. Or sell them to an antiques or consignment store.

You could ask people you know if they want them (either sell or gift, depending on how much you care about the money.)

You could buy some film and take a photography class to learn how to use them. Of course I think this is the best idea ;) :)
The Vivitar Series 1 lenses were supposed to be a good 3rd party lens at the time, but still usually cheaper than camera brand lenses.

My sisters first SLR was the Nikkormat, nice solid camera, but she never let me use it.
The Micro-Nikkor 105mm is still a good macro lens and can be used on the Nikkormat or on one of todays digital Nikon camera bodies.

The Sears lens even in its day was fairly cheap, but certainly usable.

The lenses for the Nikkormat will only fit that camera and the lenses for the Pentax will only fit that camera.

I had a similar Pentax, the ME Super, in the '80's. It's probably in a box somewhere.

Not much resale value, I agree that it all is worth somewhere around $200 - with about half of that for the Nikkor lens, so if your not interested then some options include: keep around for some family member that might take up an interest, or give to a local photography program (one that has the students spend some time with a film camera).

I got started in photography by pulling out my grandfathers old cameras, at least in my family it seems photography always skips a generation.
Well, heck. I'll take 'em! Box it all up and send it to me. :biggrin-93:
You could try KEH: Buy and Sell New and Used Cameras - Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica and more. , they're a reputable business that buys and sells used cameras. They have an online estimate tool where you put in the info. and get an estimate, or you can call.

Most older film cameras don't have much value (the Nikon being worth more than most) but it would be a way to get a something for them and get them off your hands. Some people prefer to sell on their own but of course it takes time to do listings and you'd need to know what to include in a description.

You could also try Adorama or B&H, both in NYC, and they have used depts. Got an email not too long ago that Adorama was buying.

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