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Mar 12, 2012
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I am new to Photo I am sorry if the pictures are too small (hope you can click to enlarge). I am still learning about converting and uploading RAW files. These were taken with Canon T3i on the Tv setting. ISO 1600, Shutter 1/250. no flash, continuous shooting, and kit lens 55-250mm. Only the first one has been edited to get rid of noise but others are unedited except cropping. Thanks for any feedback. Only had the camera for a week. $IMG_0607.JPG$IMG_0619.jpg$IMG_0482.jpg$DPP_0005.jpg
Given what you are working with these look pretty good to me!
As said before... Nice job with the equipment you had!
Now thats what I call making the best with what you have!
Very nice! You can reliably shoot at ISO3200 with the T3i w/out too much noise. If you do that, you could bump your shutter speed up to 1/400 or possibly 1/500.

Otherwise nice and clean, great work panning!
Lmao, did anyone else see the guy in picture one just slightly to the right of the bike in the stands. He looks like hes in a spotlight and his arms are crossed! He is NOT impressed by a backflip! Of ANY kind! :p

Nice shots! Really sharp looking; which is impressive considering how a) far away I'm assuming you were and b) how fast they move! Good work :)
Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!!

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