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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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Another lazy day on our holiday. By far this is the least I have ever done on a vacation and the least amount of images I have ever taken but it feels great and we are getting in some quality relaxation.

An historic church window we found on the way into town.

A sign in town that caught my attention

Feeling lonesome without the kids around we managed to get another room for two nights and invited my wife’s sister’s family up for some fun. The only request was they bring the kids.

Nataie and Nicholas on the slide

Nicholas getting dizzy. I had nothing to do with it :)

Time out for Nicholas. Can you feel his pain :(

My wife with Nicholas and Natalie.

After a romp in the pool it was crazy bath time

Natalie with her movie star pose

Nathan and Nicholas

Nicholas doing his Santa impression

One more day to go :(

Seems like such a fun weekend Eric!!!
very well documented... looks like a great time with the kids
love the photo of the signage... and love the tilt and tones!
sweet set of photographs :thumbsup:
One more day to go :(
o c'mon.. you;re having fun but just dont want to admit it :lol:
make the most of it :D
thanks for sharing these.. cya:)
Fun series, Eric. It looks like you have great weather. I too really liked your tilt shot. And the shot of Nicholas' time out literally made me laugh out captured his 'pain' alright. And you captured the fun of bathtime for the kids. Sounds like you're having a relaxing time, and that it's been a great break. I've looked forward to your daily posts.
what a great series airic, really awsome, as i said on your other thread i really like these mixed bags of your vacation, there's something here for everyone.
I gotta say my fav here is definately 'Time out for Nicholas'..... now if i were to put my 'arty' head on i'd say its a great depiction of the troubles caused by a middle class suburbian lifestyle..... similar to the theme of the film 'american beauty'.......... but on the other hand its just a pic of a grumpy family member :lol:..... really well compsed shot airic :thumbup:
I thought I missed the Friday update. Love em all Airic. The time out is classic pout pic. Excellent as always.
Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting back to the Marsh as the wildlife up here are not that friendly with humans around.


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