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Nov 13, 2008
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One from a wedding I shot in Bad Bentheim, Germany last week. During this part of the year, the Sun doesn't go down until 10pm and this was shot at high noon. We also got yelled at for stepping onto an actual wheat field, not by the owner but by some old lady that walked by. :D

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I like the composition and lighting, but I feel like there could be more contrast particularly on the bride and groom. The wheat, trees and house seem to have a lot more contrast than they do and it kind of makes the wheat, house and trees pull more focus to me than the bride and groom do. I would perhaps bring the dark tones down a bit using a curves layer mask, and on the same layer as the mask I would paint black over everything but the bride and groom that way the curves adjustment would only affect them.
Nice.. you handled that light very well!

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