FS: canon BG-E7


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Feb 21, 2009
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[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]i have a few things for sale

[/FONT]1: sold BG-E7 9.5-10 shape 150.00 pp and shipped.

2: sold 2 OEM LP-E6 70.00 each charged 3 times

3: sold 1 after market LP-E6 chipped and works with canon charger and and is reconized in 7D as LP-E6 charged once.

4: sold kirk camera plate PZ-137 35.00 pp and shipped (not L-bracket)
it is the plate and screw only NO Allen key

5: Manfrotto mono pod head 3229 has QR plate 20.00 pp and shipped

6: sold manfrotto 234RC no QR plate 10.00 pp and shipped

pm is best.

i have great feedback at potn and fm

thank you for looking
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