FS: Fujifilm X-M1 (full spectrum) infrared (IR)

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    For Sale Fujifilm X-M1 (full spectrum) infrared body and L-Plate - $325

    I purchased this camera about a year ago. I enjoyed shooting with it. But decided for my old eyes, I'd be best suited by a body that has an viewfinder and have recently bought an IR converted X-E2.

    So this body is up for sale. No box. No manuals. Just the body. I will throw in an L-Plate that I also bought soon after receiving it from original owner.

    It looks to be in pristine condition. LCD cover on since day one. After close inspection I don't see any imperfections.

    Same camera converted / sold by Lifepixel cost is $474 ($199 for the body + $275 for the conversion):


    If you ever wanted to play with Full-Spectrum or IR. Not a bad way to start.

    Sample images made with this camera (all with Fuji 18-135 or 50-140 lens):

    More pictures:
    Full Spectrum IR Converted X-M1 For Sale - $325


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