FS: The RARE Nikon Medical-Nikkor.C AUTO 200mm f/5.6 COMPLETE KIT

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May 14, 2011
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If you don't know about this lens, please read about it here.

I am very reluctant to sell this as it took me awhile to track down one in good condition and complete. This is a rare lens which can do 3:1 life size reproductions and I'm only selling it because I need money to fund something, plus I just haven't had time to use this beautiful lens much :( Please keep in mind this is a COMPLETE kit meaning you get the normal lens kit + the optional and hard to find Nikon LD-1 DC Unit which allows you to use the lens' built in flash ring untethered from a power outlet.

Here is what you are getting:
Nikon Medical-Nikkor.C AUTO 200mm f/5.6 w/ original auxiliary lenses (6).
Original Nikon Nikon Medical-Nikkor.C AUTO 200mm f/5.6 Kit Case
Original Nikon Sync Cord
Original Manual
Original Nikon LA-1 AC Unit w/ strap & lens cord
Optional Nikon LD-1 DC Unit w/ strap, case & 8 AA to D battery adapters
Original replacement bulbs (4) for the built in modeling lights
Original safety cover for use with film SLRs

The lens is in perfect working condition and the glass is scratch free and fungus free. It does have 2 very light marks on the body that do not affect anything what so ever, please see the pictures below! Likewise the 6 original auxiliary lenses are in perfect condition.

The LA-1 AC Unit powers the lens perfectly. Cosmetically I'd rate it an 8, nothing cracked or scratched just a little worn looking. Likewise the LD-1 DC Unit works perfectly and I will be including 8 AA to D adapters so you can use normal AA batteries to power it which will make it lighter and more convenient. (I was able to use my Eneloops too!!!) Cosemetically it is close to mint and I'd rate it a solid 9.

The rest of the kit is perfect EXCEPT for the kit case and the case for the LD-1 DC unit. They are pretty beat up. Still useable to carry stuff around though.

I am going to be quite honest with you, THIS IS NOT AN EASY LENS TO USE. There is no focusing ring so all focusing is done by physically moving your body until you hit each lens combinations minimum focus distance. If you're use to doing this due to extension tubes, reversed lenses, then this won't be that much different but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with a minor interest in macro photography. This is not a good lens to track live/flying bugs, though it's possible. It is probably the best lens to use for jewelry or for it's original purpose of dental work. Also it is much easier and best to use it on an FX camera!

I am asking $750 via PayPal which covers both PayPal fee and UPS Ground Shipping w/insurance to CONUS ONLY

Pictures of ACTUAL items:

Mark 1 - Above Screws

Mark 2 - Under 1/3

Kit Case

LD-1 Case

Pictures taken with ACTUAL item:


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A rare lens indeed - heck I'd love to see one compared against the Canon MPE 65mm and see how they compare at 3:1 magnification - esp since they both lack any focusing system and both use the moving closer/further method. Honestly at 3:1 that is often as much magnification as you need for much work in insects - going higher is really taxing/difficult.
Looks like a great kit and a shame you have to part with it after spending time to put it together.
Very interesting. I had no idea Nikon made something like this.
Had some good questions from people.

You will need a sync port to fire off the built in flash, if your camera doesn't have one, as long as you have a hotshoe you can buy a simple adapter to turn it into a sync port. The reason I recommend an FX camera is also because if you use DX you will cut off the lens-ratio imprint. Also ISO/F-stop is determined on the lens itself, IF you want to use the built in flash ring. So for example my shots with the D3 required me to be at sync (1/250), ISO 100 (Really needed ISO 50 but D3 only goes to 100) and f/45 (not 4.5). The lens magnification is determined by the auxiliary lens combinations you attach to it.

Like I said it's not the easiest lens to use but it's still awesome.

Also just a warning, this deal may not last long. I may be able to free up money elsewhere and if I can do that, this comes off the table.

This is really something special, I wish I could take it off your hands, GLWS, a very cool set to have, let alone get rid of.
Holy crap that is cool. (consider this a free bump)
Wow... I WISH I could justify that. An absolutely amazing piece of glass and a great price too!
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