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    I shoot with a Nikon D80
    18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
    55-200mm f/4-5.6
    Sigma 10-20mm
    Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR

    I also have a few other small items including a relatively stable tripod, remote release, sb600, polarizer for the 10-20mm UV filters for all of my lenses)

    So the big question is what next? and then after that what should i get?
    Lets pretend my budget is $2500 per item. (in reality its currently very small, this is a long term goal i'm working for) What would you get?

    Currently i'm tempted to go for the
    Nikorr 24-70mm f2.8
    In Theory it would take me about 6months to purchase on a budget.
    After That would be one version of the
    70-200mm f2.8
    I havent decided which version but that is irrelevant right now.
    In total that would mean 1.5 years for both. (Assuming i dont work in the summer either. Though i do plan on working in the summer)
    By then i'm probably going to be needing a new Camera though thats not something i'm going to bother looking into now.

    I am mostly interested in nature photography though living in Holland nature is relatively hard to come by hence my thoughts of purchasing a 24-70mm lens. You can check out my deviantart link below if its not clear enough. Should i be looking at other gear?

    Assuming you have the same kit i have what would you buy? Would you do anything differently than me?


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