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I will remain totally disinterested until they drop the online for single player requirement. Hopefully they drop it after release (they did it for starcraft :)). So at present the only thing I want from Blizzard is ---- HEART OF THE SWARM :)

*and diablo 3 with singleplayer offline mode :)
What are they going to charge you an on-line fee for single player? How much?
Nopes, but they've made it so that in order to play singleplayer you've got to have your internet connection active the whole time - like an MMO - but for single player :(

It's about the only kind of DRM that I generally oppose and avoid games with the features since I oft end up with a weaker connection - plus I see no reason that when playing singleplayer I should have any need to have my internet working
Definitely looking forward to it, but the grumblings I'm hearing from people I know who are beta testing isn't very reassuring.

Personally, I don't mind the on-line requirement for single player campaigns. I'd much rather them do that than force me to have the CD in the drive all of the time, etc. IIRC, the only requirement with SC2 was that you had to connect to the internet once every "X number of days" to "phone home" and "save your progress". I can't say I ran into the issue as I only play on my desktop with a reliable connection.

So, when is the new release date?
2nd quarter? LOL
So what were your friends in the beta "grumbling" about?
I tried to get into the <----super geek now!!
Well, primarily that it has lost a lot of the customization that was found in previous iterations(namely Diablo II). For example, you no longer choose stat increases, or abilities when you level up. Every barbarian will get the same increases at each level. As hack-and-slash as the "Diablo" series is, there has also been a large element of the "RPG" which is all about making choices that affect how your character looks in the end. I am hearing that this is missing in a big way from Diablo III. That said, I know that there have been big shake ups with the game recently and that they are still changing significant systems, etc.

I'm signed up to participate in the beta, but with a Q2 release... not sure I'm going to make this one. /sigh
I was looking forward to Diablo III scenes I beet Diablo II back in the 90's, but I have been more or less disenchanted about it. Maybe ill get it after I beet the rest of Skyrim and Minecraft.
Wait - are you suggesting that there is an end - an actual end to Minecraft???
Interesting....a lot of people are anticipating this one. I started Kingdom of Amalur and it's pretty engaging.
I will let you play with my joystick.
Overread said:
Wait - are you suggesting that there is an end - an actual end to Minecraft???

Well technically yes there is "the end".

oh minecraft note if you haven't heard zombies will brake down doors to get you in the new snapshot from Jeb.
They can't get me - not over a moat of lava and a drawbridge!

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