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Jul 14, 2005
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I ordered a flash...but know nothing about them :blushing:
Anyone have any links or advice about auxillary flashes. The flash was recommended here a while back. And I read a few good reviews around the net, so I ordered one.
I think it will be primarily used as a fill flash, for when I need that little bit of extra light. But I would like to know what else I can do with I'm not wasting it's resources?

Promaster 7500DX

Compatible Battery
(4) AA Batteries Guide Number (in feet)138 Recycle Time (seconds)0.3-10

Detailed Specifications:
Guide Number: 138 (100 ISO)
TTL Auto Range: 2-99' (100 ISO)
Power Source: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries or NiMH rechargable batteries
Recycle Time: 0.3-10 Seconds
Motorized Zoom - 24mm-105mm
AF Illuminator for Autofocusing
Bounce Angle: -7° to 90°
Full TTL Dedication
Swivel Angle: 0° to 180°
Front & Rear Flash Ready Light
Flash Modes: TTL Auto, Manual, Multiple
Multifunction LCD Display Panel Modeling, Slave/Remote
E-TTL Compatible
Thanks Mike. That link is new to me. For whatever reason, I can't access it from work, but I'll read till my eyes bleed when I get home :lol:
Thanks again :thumbup:
Well believe me, your eyes and your brain will bleed the first time you try to read that. Just about everyone who has read confused about it in some way...there is a lot of info if you can pick some of it up...then hopefully that will help.
It's a slightly "unknown" flash as far as third party brands go. The reliable ones are Metz and Sigma

Promaster is the "opticon" of flashes.

Let us know if it works.
Well like I said, I read quite a few reviews from different sites, and there was very little 'negative' feedback anywhere. It originally came as a highly recommended flash from TPF member Digital Matt. Not being a pro, I would rather have a decent flash for an affordable price, than a great flash that costs an arm and a leg ;)
I don't have any other true studio type lighting equipment, and I'm sure this will be better than my built in flash.
If matt recommended it - at the very least, I'd be willing to bet that it works.

Not being a pro, I would rather have a decent flash for an affordable price, than a great flash that costs an arm and a leg
You're telling me? I have 5 flashes and ALL of them cost less then your promaster alone. Full manual babies.
woodsac said:
Doc, what's a full manual flash?
How green am I :lol:
You just control how much light it gives you with a dial. The flash doesn't talk to camera like they do with ETTL

I don't have deadlines, so there's no need for ETTL for me.

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