Getting New Tripod and Camera Bag! Want some input!


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Sep 25, 2006
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I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought this to be the best place.

That said, I am looking to get a new camera bag and tripod and wanted to get some feedback.

First off, the Camera Bag.
I recently moved into Digital photography and want to consolidate all my cameras (or most) to one bag and have been eyeing a couple. My first option is the Lowepro Super Trekker AW II, and my other is the Tamrac Expedition 8. As far as my needs, I am looking for something that can hold my Medium format with 2-3 lenses, and my Nikon D200 with (eventually) 4-5 lenses, and maybe a vintage Canonet QL-17 and a polaroid just to mix it up. I just like having all my equipment in one place, and I would like to be able to have it all as carry on luggage at airports. I would also like to stick with back pack style bags because I find them easier to work with, Plus I have 3 smaller sling bags if I need a smaller pack.

Secondly, the tripods. I have a big old steel manfrotto that weighs 15 pounds and is a great studio tripod, but what I now want is a good field tripod. I already have a head for it so I am just looking for some sticks. My choices are the MANFROTTO 055XPROB or the MANFROTTO 055 MAGFIBER. I would like to stick with Manfrotto as I find their customer service and products wonderful.

Money isn't that big of an issue for either the tripod or the camera bag, but if the cheaper of the options is better or as good, then I don't see the need in spending the extra money.

If you have a suggestion for a tripod or camera bag I would love to hear it. Thanks.
Seems like a lot of gear for one bag. I like Lowepros, but I have no more recommendation.

I have the 055XPROB legs and really like them. Weigh about 5 lbs.

Here's some light reading for you on tripods and heads.
I went to army surplus and made a hard case for my D70 out of an ammo box! it's waterproof too.
though only holds 1 camera with lens attached and one other telephoto tops. still neat, I say.
Thanks for the responses and articles. You are right, kundalini, it is a good bit of equipment for one bag, and at some point I might get two bags, one for 35/DSLR and one for Medium Format and Vintage cameras, but for now I know I can fit it all in a pack that size because I have a friend who has a similar pack and he stuffs that thing to the brim.

Any other thoughts you can provide would be appreciated.

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