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Apr 14, 2006
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Fairfax, VA
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Nikon D50, I've had it for about two months and I'm still learning things about it. :mrgreen: Any honest commentary, feedback, critiques, suggestions for improvement, (encouragement) etc that you can come up with are greatly appreciated. :thumbup:

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Is it cool if I use this thread as a permanent gallery kind of thing, posting up photos as i take them or should I make a new thread for each set? (This is sort of an assorted set... I hope that's alright. :mrgreen:)
Hi again, Danny, and another welcome to the forum.
Looks like this D70 has come into some good hands, your photos up here show it, all are very nice and I like your "eye", that is the way you see things are worth being framed by a photo and the way HOW you frame them. I am quite taken in by the photo of the rowing boat with the shallow DOF (depth of field), I really like that one a great deal (I've seen boats out on the Potomac down from the George Washington Memorial Parkway, could one of those have been you?
Here are a few untouched shots of CJ and Matt on dirt jumps from today:
C&C is appreciated, but remember, these haven't even been leveled yet. :) :

Lafoto, it probably wasn't me on the Potomac. I am a coxswain for WT Woodson Highschool in Fairfax, VA. We row on the Occoquan resevoir.

Edit: Here's the first photo in this post with levels, contrast, and brightness adjusted and then desaturated. Let me know what you think: got some really cool shots. Nice stuff.

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