GIOVANNI from the Disco

Dan Udrea

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Apr 28, 2021
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The mouse goes to the elephant's home. He rings the doorbell by pressing the bell. Confused, the elephant opens the door and looks around, but seeing no one, he goes inside the house, somewhat surprised. Before closing the door, he involuntarily looks down and sees the mouse.
- Aaaah! Were you a mouse? What do you want from calling so insistently?
The mouse, full of him, tells him:
- Come on, leave the spell! is your daughter at home
A bit ironically, the elephant replies:
- No, she isn't. Should I send him something?
To which the mouse, full of himself, stretching out his braces, replies:
- No, there is no need. Only that. Tell her Giovanni From The Disco searched for her.
"GIOVANNI from the Disco"


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