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    Old Sony Digital camera (I think only 6 MP with small sensor) used because I could get it into stadium. Nice camera in its day, did pretty good macro shots that I could use for ideas for abstract paintings. I think I bought it in 2005 from a Ritz Camera retail store in Detroit... I went in there to get a box of a pro photographer's "throw away negatives" I bought scanned and walked out with this (good saleslady). I told her what I was doing with the negatives and she showed me this, it was a good buy. Only bought it for macro reference shots. Has a nice Ziess lens from what I can tell. Thought I would see what it could do after sitting for so long. Not bad for a dreary day in my opinion. I think the background is a little blown out but I like the look of the photo in B&W. Not sure if it's any good. Direction always welcome for noob. The girl's husband commissioned me to do a pencil drawing of the photo for her Grandma after seeing it posted on facebook from my daughter in law so there is something there in terms of appeal. I will make the blownout background coal (literal) black and secure it with hairspray.

    70.5mm . f/3.5 . 1/125s . ISO125



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