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Mar 2, 2009
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well this just came to me while reading the "argh my eye" thread.

i am near sighted (cant see distance) i think thats right. so i can read up close fine.

well i wear glasses and have often found them to get in the way. i also wear contacts sometimes but not often(maybe 2 days a week)

with my situation should i just take my glasses off. i've never really tried lol so i probably should, but i figured i'd ask when the other thread reminded me.

also are you supposed to shoot with both eyes open. i believe i read that somewhere.

just want to know what you guys think
When I am focusing or shooting landscape/macro I shut the other eye ... I do this automatically to concentrate on the viewfinder info.

When I am shooting wildlife I shoot with the other eye open. I use it to keep a view on the surrounding area so I do not miss something that is happening outside my camera's view.

I too wear glasses. I wear them always so I do not have to keep putting them back on when I am not looking through the camera.

The viewfinder on my current Sony is not bad with my glasses ... my Canon nF-1 was better, as it was larger had greater long eye relief.
yea i think thats what i heard. keep the eye open for action and wildlife to catch whats coming next.

i guess i'll just have to get more used to it. its not a much strain but just buming them and then they get smudged or dirty. but yea i can understand how it would be a hassle to take them off because then when u look up you cant see

thank you
I wear glasses too and it took me awhile to get used to using a camera with them on, but now it just seems second nature. I always shut one eye when I shoot.
Im near sighted as well.... if i try to work without my glasses or contacts in, I cannot focus my camera, because everything looks blurry lol
Time to step up to the plate with your wallet and get progressive lenses. Then you can wear the glasses while shooting, and not worry about taking them off to see the viewfinder.
Hey, just consider it a photographic necessity. :))
What are progressive lenses? I wear glasses and keep them on. It felt weird at first (I got them a year after I started first shooting) but I got used to it and it really really helps!
It's hard to keep both eyes open when shooting with SLR cameras. The field-of-view is too different when shooting long or wide... maybe at 50mm - 75mm you can do it.

On a Rangefinder it's much easier, because your Viewfinder stays the same, only the frame lines change. Best is when you have a viewfinder with close to a 1.0x magnification ratio. My M8 has a .72x, but when I put a 1.25x magnifier on it I'm close to 1-to-1, and I will definitely shoot both eyes open.

I don't mind my glasses, I'm used to them... except sometimes I get them dirty when they press against my cheek. Also, before getting the expensive $360 Leica VF Magnifier with a nice rubber rim I used a cheap $70 one from HK. The metal rim scratched my super-expensive glasses... lesson learned.
I always wear my glasses. I have astigmatism and can't really read close up, or far away...HA!...

When I got my camera, all three pairs of my glasses were "in the shop" getting new lenses. Once my glasses returned, my photos improved greatly. I can't see much of anything without my glasses--mainly because I'm so used to them.
i want to know where to get FREE glasses!!?? the state says that i need them to drive....(i can see good without) but i can't see to read or use the camera. so i have to use everything on auto.......HELP! tired of using the "auto" all the time! :-x Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
What are progressive lenses? I wear glasses and keep them on. It felt weird at first (I got them a year after I started first shooting) but I got used to it and it really really helps!

Progressives are like bifocals without the lines. The bottom portion of the lens will be what you need to read by ( in your case almost no magnification ), and the top portion will be your distance setting. So this way you can keep your glasses on, and see normally through the viewfinder at distance, and still be able to read the exposure information etc... ( by looking through the bottom part of your glasses ).
Works for me.
i have progressive glasses.......i just have to get NEW ones!........till then i'll just have to be on auto! $600.00 was the last set! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr too least for now.
yeah my eyes have been getting worst since my first pair about 7 years ago (im now almost 20, wow that sounds wierd lol) so im gonna have to get used to it. again as i said earlier its not looking through them and strain just hitting them or getting them dirty. just something to get used to.

thanks for all the comments
Yea I've been toying with they idea of getting contacts for the same reason. I'm getting sick of always cleaning the smuudges off my glasses. You don't get that with contacts. someday mabye.

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