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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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Some Shots from a Blue Bird day on my way to GNP. What do you think?



I wouldn't know the first one was an hdr unless you mentioned it. I don't think the HDR adds much too it. The 2nd is more dramatic and the 3rd is great.
yea, hdr doesnt seem to add much to it, how many exposures and what program?
I agree with the others: HDR does not really show and the light looks like it wasn't really necessary, either. How many exposures and how far apart did you use for them?

The second looks a little soft, or as if the lens had been fogged up, is that the effect of your merging three (or so?) exposures?

The layer of clouds and the mountains in the last are really interesting to look at! And you have a real WINTER. With snow and all. Wow. We haven't seen a single snow flake as yet all throughout the months that normally are considered winter months ...
never used dynamic photo hdr, would you be willing to send me the raws and i could try them in photo matix for one of them?

i think what the problem is, is that there really isnt too much difference in color, theres a lot of white and blue, idk if thats why thats just what i think.

also, did you use a tripod because it helps, as you can see the pictures arnt exactly aligned correctly either. but just keep trying.

your lense is also a bit dirty ;)
With Dynamic Photo HDR you don't need to use a tripod you can fix handmovement in the program...

And It was snowing hard that day and snow my lens, I PS them out after
3 could have been a great shot...I wish it was lighter though, as it seems pretty dark. Not too big on the first 2 though...2 isn't bad, but i'm not big on the softness of it.
I like the softness of the shot, most of the time I go for tack sharp but wanted to try something new I still am getting into the program... Thanks I will see if I can post a sharp one from the set

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