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Abby Rose

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Feb 17, 2010
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Here are some of my goats... they are actually quarantined for exposure to rabies right now, long story, but if not for that the two with the floppy ears would be in the freezer now so I guess thats one good thing. ;)

Anyway, they have a few electrical spools in their pen to play on and I laid back on that. They are really curious so they jumped up too (I only got stepped on once, thankfully by the tan-headed one who is probably the lightest - also the dumbest goat I ever met :) ) and I took some pictures of them. It took me a while to figure it out because I don't use it much, but the flash helped immensely here. I still had to do some fill in post, though.

How did I do?


2. perhaps a bit over edited? It was fairly underexposed anyway, so maybe I shouldnt have kept it...

3. This is a fair representation of their personalities, and I think I'd quite like it (course, I did take the picture, and they are my goats so yeah I like it :lol:) if that darn ear wasnt cropped off... sighhh

4. probably my favorite of the bunch that I did



Yeah, I figured I'd post 6 instead of the usual 5 or less, just because they are all so similar. :sexywink:
number 1 and 4 i love!
great exposures. fun composition.
awesome pics.
well done.
I really like these, especially number four :)
The compositions are great in my opinion, and the goats are cute!
1,2,4 are all decent. Nothing earth-shattering, yet decent shots of goats.
haha, I absolutely LOVE #4
4 is an album cover.
Did you lay on your back on the ground? I love the pics, that is a perspective that I have never seen with goats and rarely with any other animals either. I just took a look at your flickr too, I am quite jealous...that seems like a fun photoshoot...

Keep up the good work!
LiveStrong2009 said:
Did you lay on your back on the ground? ... That seems like a fun photoshoot

Nah, I laid back on an electrical spool in their pen that I put there for them to climb on. You know, the ones that telephone cables and stuff come coiled on? It's as big as your average coffee table... They just jumped up to see what I was doing up there.

And oh, it was fun! I was giggling the whole time. Goats are my favorite. :D

dalewood said:
hmm goats intresting subject. a couple are overexposed but big thumbs up keep up the good work

Which ones are overexposed? I think the last two are underexposed even though I tried to lighten them, but the others I all lightened up in post! :)

Thanks everyone!

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