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    http://www.camnia.nl/images/stories/Godspeed Catalogue 2009.pdf

    A PDF of their current line of bags

    And a review of one of there bags
    schildmos.nl: Godspeed SY 607 camera backpack review

    Essentially a company who make bags for a wide range of other companies (I belive they have been involved in making several Canon brand camera bags at least) who are charging (in general) around 1/3 the cost of bags from similar companies like LowePro.

    Not heard too much about them till recently so was curious if any here have any experiences to share. Certainly at 1/3 the price its a viable consideration for many over the makers like National Geographic and LowePro (face it some part of that price is because its got their lable on it). This is especailly the case since their bag manufacture appears to be very solid and several of the bags appear to share similar designs to other brand products


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