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Nov 15, 2008
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Near Chicago.
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Hi all,

I'll be in Colorado for about 6 days in May. We'll be staying in Boulder.

Anyone care to make a suggestion on some good spots for shooting outdoors?
(Or indoors for that matter.) :)

I know we'll be going to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I was hoping to find some interesting, out of the way places to photograph.

I'm looking great scenery yes, but it's more fun to find things a little more ..... not so ordinary. Cool looking farms, small town main streets, weird looking people. Just kidding.

Any tips?


When exactly in may are you coming? There are some off road trails near RMNF that have great views if you want to do some landscape shots, also close to Estes Park (Where the Stanely Hotel is).

if you'll have access to a 4x4 vehicle, you can check out traildamage.com to get a list of trails throughout colorado or pick up a Charles Wells book. Below are just a few places that will probably only be about a 30-40 minute drive from boulder.

St Mary's Glacier - Near Idaho Springs

Loch Lomon


Some Ghost Town
I have lived in Colorado my whole life (24 years), and my father who’s from Chicago, and mother who’s from Wisconsin moved here about 30 years ago. When I read your post I was talking with my parents and asked for their advice. Here is the gold mind of information:

-In Boulder, Canyon road takes you up through really beautiful scenery, leading you to Boulder Falls. There is also pearl street mall, and chautauqua park, which are both great locations.

-There is also this really small town called Rollinsville, which is between a town called Nederland and then the famous Blackhawk. Now here is the key, Rollinsville has really cool old buildings, but there is a small road that goes from Rollinsville, toward the Moffet tunnel. This road is amazingly beautiful and has tons of crazy nature shots.

-When you come out here, MAKE SURE to find out if Trail Ridge Road is open, which goes from Rocky Mountain National Part to Grand Lake. If you are lucky and if it’s open, it’s absolutely breath taking, and it leads you to the town Grand Lake which is full of amazing photographic scenery. Plus, there is Shadow Mountain reservoir near Grand Lake, which has again, tons of cool places to shoot.

All these places have interesting old buildings and small town scenery to shoot as well. Let me know after you get back how you liked it!
Thank you so much.

That's a great bundle of information. I'm copying the info and emailing it to my g/friend so we know exactly where to go. I'll print it, so we have it with us. :)

If anyone else has some great photos to share, and where about-s you took them, I'd love to see it.

Thanks again, DS

I live in Boulder. I would be happy to get together for a day or a bit and talk shop and/or hang out and shoot. I checked out your website and that boom stuff is incredible! I'd love to hear how that works.
Well, I just found out that Trail Ridge Road is closed until after Memorial Day.

Bummer. It looks like there are some really nice trail heads along Rt 34.

We may try to go up as far as we can from the south at Grand Lake. I'm guessing that we will at least be able to get a little north of Grand Lake.
(looking at Google maps)

We'll also be around Dillion, Co. for a couple of days.

Thanks for the offer but we are on the 'on the go' vacationers when we're together. We toured about 1/2 of N California last year in 7 days.
Thanks for the offer though, that's very nice of you.

No wories. Regardless of whether Trail Ridge is closed, you have to get up into Rocky Mountain NP. There are a lifetime of photo opportunities up there. Depending on how the next few weeks go, you might be able to get around just hiking, otherwise rent snowshoes rom the Mountain Shop in Estes Park for $5 and go explore. When are you actually going? The Peak to Peak highway is an excellent second prize to Trail Ridge rd. It goes from Golden to Estes Park, and has gorgeous scenery.
We'll be there from May 9th to the 16th.

you have to get up into Rocky Mountain NP

I hope we can get in pretty far driving. I don't think she'll be able to do snow shoes, but I would definitely like to try it in the future. :)

Unfortunately, my g/f broke her foot about 5 months ago, and she's not 100% yet. Dog walking, work, normal everyday stuff she's fine, but long hikes, up and down hills is pushing for her right now.

We're also going to Dillon for a few days.

A few locations come to mind....

Red Rock Ampitheater FOR SURE!
Seven Falls in Colorado Springs.
The Coors Brewery?
Denver Mint
The flatirons (mountain range)
Pikes Peak
Pearl Street makes for some good street photography options.
Thanks BD.

Pearl Street looks like a must do. I'm sure our hotel won't be far from downtown Boulder.

Pike's Peak was part of a recent trip we took. It WAS very nice. Got a little dizzy from the thin air. lol That was first time back in uh .... 40 years. Holy #$#@.

I like to compile a big list then try and hit the best of the best.

Thanks for your ideas,


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