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Nov 12, 2007
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hey I'm new to this hobby, ive always loved it but never had the camera for it just a little digy....

I was wondering before i get a camera, is the Nikon 10.2 D40X a good camera or just asking for trouble and issues?

Remember im just a beginner i dont need anything that can shot for the stars... just a good reliable camera....

That would be a very good camera for what you want it to do. I would also compare it to the Canon counterpart, and also look for a D50 D70 or D80 so that you don't have lens limitations, but if the lens limitation think does not bother you go for the d40x.
yes i was looking at a few of those you mentioned, but one of them i cant remember was like $1,500 thats alittle high for right now, this is just a x-mas gift im aloud to pick out, i have limits... lol

i would like to get a camera that gives me choices of lens, i really want a lens thats like 500-800 $$ i think its a macro or micro?

thanks for all the warm welcomes.
Personally, I wouldn't go with the D40 or D40x, because there are some lenses that you cannot use with those cameras. It may not seem like it now, but in the future you will want those lenses that happen to not fir the D40 and D40x. I would go for the D70 or D80 (good camera).
Well since you seem interested in different lenses (like the macro/micro you mentioned above) Would recommend a D50 you can still buy it new for about the same as the D40x and it does not have the lens limitations.
in opinion which is better for its money...

1. D40 or D40X

2. which is more reliable

3. Do MP's really matter? whats the point if its higher lower whatever.
i understand quility of the picture but does it make that BIG of a difference?

sorry im such a NEWBIE! haha
I think that someone in your situation will be happy with the 6.1 megapixels that the D40 offers. From what I understand there is not that much difference between the d40 or the D40x besides the sensor. Personally I would go D40 and have more money to spend on lenses.
hmm okay cool and if i get the D40 ill also have more choices in lens? by what i understand.
No in theory you will have less choice. If you get the D50, D70 or D80 you'll have more choice in lenses which autofocus than with the D40 or D40x. The D40 and D40x will only autofocus with Nikon lenses that say AF-S, or Sigma lenses that say HSM. Other lenses by Nikon, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina will work on the D40/D40x but will not autofocus (you will have to use manual focus instead). Take a look at the lenses which do or don't have AF-S or HSM in their names, and consider whether this is likely to be a problem for you (it is a problem for some but not for others so you'll have to make your own decision on that).
Zaphod is correct, but the same lenses will be able to autofocus on the D40 as on the D40x. With your post (the 7th in this thread) I assumed that you were set with either the D40 or d40x
Zaphod is correct, but the same lenses will be able to autofocus on the D40 as on the D40x. With your post (the 7th in this thread) I assumed that you were set with either the D40 or d40x

Right, the D40 and the D40x are basically identical apart from the sensor. To answer the earlier question, neither will be any more reliable. With the D40x you really are just paying for the extra pixels. Like Coldow91 I would go for the D40 instead of the D40x and put the money saved towards lenses (or flash, or a good tripod, all of which can be more useful than a few more pixels) :thumbup:
The d40 and d40x are basically the same platform except the x has a few more options and a better sensor. You will have the same lens restrictions with both of them. This means you can only run AF-S Nikon lenses and HSM Sigma lenses, etc. If your looking to drop $900 on a lens I would look into a d40x or a d80, the d80 really is only marginally more expensive. But, at $900 you can spring for a pretty dang nice AF-S lens with macro capabilities and have a pretty sweet set up. I think the reason people don't like the AF-S lenses is because you either get cheap lenses with really poor build quality or you have to drop a hefty chunk of change on anything worthwhile.

In my opinion, if you have the money to drop on a nicer AF-S lens, the d40x isn't a bad camera. It gets a bad rap because it's not compatible with the normal AF lenses that you can get for pretty cheap.
I think the general consensus on all threads like this is just get what feels best and you'll be happy with it. I do agree that if you're going to go with Nikon, the pricier D80 would be a better buy than the D40 if certain lenses won't work with the D40.

Also make sure you do a fair amount of research and playing with the other makers (Canon, Sony, Sigma, etc.). When I got my dslr about 9 months ago I was determined to get a D80. After research and playing with them in stores about 100 times I ended up with the Sony A100. There are something like 15 million lenses out there that fit it and having image stabilization built into the camera instead of the lens is pretty cool (I am a little partial though!)

Good luck with your purchase...I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you get.
Okay so i was looking at the cameras lastnight at best buy circut city such ans such... i kinda like the Tamron 40? 50? i dont remember its just like the Nikon D40 just a smiggit bigger... that has a good chioce of lens to choose from correct? it looked like it by what the lady was showin me... but never no with sales people....:greenpbl:
thank you guys soooo much for dealing with all my dumb questions and being nice and patient... :lovey:love you allllll!!!!!:heart:

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