Good books to read on starting this new hobby?


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Mar 5, 2012
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I am pretty much new to all of this. I am getting a Canon t2i in a month or two, either before or for my birthday in may. I am trying to get as much info about this as I can so I can be at least a little ready for all of this lol. I have read through countless pages online and other stuff explaining things like apeture and exposure and all that other stuff but I would really like a few good beginners books to read. Preferably Ebooks as I do mostly all of my reading on my tablet. Free would be preferred but if there are some MUST READS for newbies, I'd be willing to give those a shot if they cost me a few bucks. Thanks in advance. Browsing the forums has brought me across a few books but I didn't take note of them and now I am having trouble finding them.

Sorry if this post seems lazy. I really am not, I just figured you guys would know better than me!

Thanks a lot,
Is there a photo club in your area? Do any of your friends shoot? I've found there is always someone else with more experience them me is more than willing to be available to ask questions of as well as going out on expiditions.
a couple of kids I used to go to school with shoot. I'll probably ask for advice once I get mine, I'm just kinda looking for good reads now though. As far as the club thing, that would be cool but working full time and being a full time student doesn't really leave me with much flexibility in my schedule

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Thanks a lot, Will do. I had already planned on getting the manual. This will be the first manual I have ever read lol

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