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Dec 4, 2011
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One challenge I've had is finding good places to take pictures. I've tried local shopping areas and around my house but today I had the idea to look up local parks...It looks like there will be some good shooting opportunities there. So where do you all go to find interesting images?
Everywhere... in truth however, I've found that my best images have resulted from occasions when I haven't actually been out looking for a shot.
Take a full day and drive around your area and look. If you know any local photographers ask them. Here's what you don't want: That park, or that wall where every fauxtographer in town takes their "clients". For one, they'll just be annoying. For two those areas are just over shot. Really drive around, especially to places where you wouldn't expect a good location (because others wont expect it to be their either) when you see a place, think about how the lighting would look and how the shadows would fall at different times during the day, then take some wide anlge shots and write down the file numbers and exactly where those shots were taken at. Take a full day and two tanks of gas to drive around and you should find a few spots nobody else knows about.
I love shooting in empty houses...abandoned houses
Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of driving around and seeing what unusual places might exist for shooting.
I do a bit of traveling each daybetween schools. I keep my camera in the car beside me on the front seat. Never know when something will present its self.
I shoot mostly macro shots of small critters, wild flowers, etc. and fortunately in the area I live are thousands of acres of forest preserves. I don't stay on the trails but get off the beaten paths and venture where most others don't. But most others are not there for photo opportunities. I will many times have my camera within easy reach when I am doing yard work just in case and have gotten good shots by doing that.

IMO, it's not so much about where you go, but what you see.

Learn to LOOK for the photographic opportunities; the things others often overlook.
For me, whether it's the mountains (which I'm fortunate to live so close to), a nearby nature park, my own backyard, or a lunchtime stroll downtown, I look for what I've been missing before. Cemeteries are also a great place for photography! A reflection in a building, an interesting architectural element that might make a great "frame" for a photo, a bird I don't usually see, moss or flowers or insects, especially in surprising places, on an on and on.

Don't just look at eye level. Look up, where most people never pay much attention. Look down, into the cracks and alleys and at the base of the trees. Challenge yourself to find something worth photographing no matter where you are.
The opportunities are EVERYWHERE, you just gotta see them.
My two favorite places to shoot are inside a studio and outside
Thank you all for all the feedback! Yes, NYC does lend itself to endless possibilities......

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