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Nov 19, 2007
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Sacramento CA
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Is this picture good enough for my Facebook profile or should I put it in the myspace dumpster? (don't criticize it too much it is my first attempt at something vaguely resembling a self portrait.)
You look a little uncomfortable to say the least - hate to say it, but you look as if you've just been cropped out of a line-up. Assuming you want to use this to present yourself to the world, you might want to think about doing it over again. I'd suggest at least getting a friend involved to push the shutter button, so you at least have someone to interact with and can get your personality out where the camera can see it.
anything is good enough for facebook. but i agree with Chris of Arabia.
Well it is a darn sight better than any picture anyone else has ever taken of me (I usually look like I'm stoned which is funny because I don't smoke pot).
Practice, whilst tedious, can only be beneficial. Don't go with the first shot you take, goof around, take a dozen, take a hundred, give yourself an opportunity to experiment - most of us don't actually go with first time happy accident.
Well I am trying to take it easy on my dad's camera I've almost doubled the number of actuations he's put on it in the last week while he has had it 2 years.

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