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Hertz van Rental

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Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
My PDA - which I though had cashed in it's chips - has, after a year of being buried at the bottom of my sock drawer, decided to rise from the dead.
This means that I will have my Sat Nav working for the German meet-up.

Only those who were at Saffron Walden will understand the full horror of that statement :lmao:
you don't need SatNav for finding your way in sparsely populated areas of Germany, such as LaFotos village ;) :)
But hey, SatNav in and around Saffron Walden certainly INCREASED the fun we had ... and brought us to places we NEVER planned to go to. And going in Hertz' car sure helped bring us to the places we never wanted to go to fast! :D
Please! Mental image... :er:

Yeah! That's going to give me a few terror-stricken nights as well.

That was certainly the first International TPF meet-up - I think them damned Yankees beat us to the first meet up title by a few weeks, though.
And it was a lot of fun. You wouldn't think you could meet a bunch of total strangers and within 10 minutes feel like you'd known them forever.
Anyone who is dithering over going to the Germany meet up STOP VACILLATING NOW! Sign up and go for it. You won't believe how much fun you'll have.

I'm driving there and I just remembered there are no speed limits on autobahns. WOO-HOO!
Anyone want a lift?* :mrgreen:

*Don't be like Corinna. She sat in the back praying the whole time :lmao:

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