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Mar 10, 2007
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The Magic Kingdom
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Let this serve as a warning to all photographers everywhere - never go to Hong Kong if you wish to hang on to your money...

... but is it the lot? That's some serious dosh.

Wow, someone was in need of a little 'retail therapy', weren't they? (So what does A-M get to buy now???!)
(So what does A-M get to buy now???!)
As always, whatever she wants - she just hasn't chosen to exercise the option... yet! :confused:

We're now awaiting the transport back to the airport. Holiday over and it's raining (bit of lightning too).
Congratulations :D A photo friend of mine bought a lens in Hong Kong via a friend who lived out there at the time, saved a third on the price here in Sweden :confused:
pls can I comes to HongKong too! I has addiction to fill!

Very nice setup :) - but no flash??
did you just like completely redo your set up? and i thought i was bad....
Wow! That looks like loads of fun! Nice equipment!


edit~ Uh oh, I see a gold stripe amongst all the red stripes......LOL
How much was the 24-70 in HK? I think I might have an important trip somewhere coming up. lol
ok. I am hooked. SPill it. How much were those items while in HK?
Just for the record then, I did just redo my complete set-up and stepped up a bit from my 350D and accessories. I already have a 580EX and 430EX, plus a 50mm f1.4, so they just move over. The little pile above consists of:

Canon 5D MkII body
16-35mm f2.8L
24-70mm f2.8L
70-200mm IS f2.8L
100mm f2.8 macro
UV filters for all lenses
I also ended up buying another Lowepro bag to carry everything back as hand luggage (boxes went in the checked in luggage)

As to prices, I'll have to dig around and see if I kept hold of all the bits of paper they were listed on - I know the receipt only has the total on it. It did come out a bit cheaper than I'd pay in the UK, but it wasn't a massive saving - certainly not by the time the credit card had had it's chunk.

The only thing I didn't get was the remote cable release and the one from the 350D has a different fitting, but that shouldn't be a major thing to sort out. Guess you'll be wanting to see some pictures next...

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