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Nov 20, 2007
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Coney Island in Brooklyn, US
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this portfolio hosting site with you because when I found it yesterday, it was exactly what I was looking for: something free, very easy to use (meaning I didn't want to spend hours personalizing it), and that's about it. What I also like is that there aren't any banner ads, and the site is very new so I got a pretty simple domain name with them.

My portfolio is at

Oh, and I wanted to share my portfolio too :)

I'm just starting to take my hobby seriously, I'm looking into education and/or work, and this is a good jumping off point for me, a nice professional looking site. I guess the only thing about it I don't like is that when you click thumbnails to enlarge, the picture is still limited in size and it takes a few seconds to load (but it does prevent right-click-save-as).
thanks for sharing the link!

nice pics btw

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