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Feb 24, 2009
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western Massachusetts
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Hello all,

Just began appreciating photography for what it truly is. Art. Not just a way to show some blurry shots of your family in Venice or wherever else you happen to be visiting.
In the last 2 months or so I have been making an interest of photography into a pastime and soon it will become a full blown hobby with the purchase of a new camera. I currently own a very old Panasonic digital camera that I bought for around 60$ back in the day. It works for practicing now but I can already find it's drawbacks this early on in my photography life.

I work in a bakery, and live in Western Mass. I'm mostly interested in still lifes and nature photos. Mostly nature photos because I'm out in the woods often, seeing animals and beautiful landscapes that are begging to be photographed. So I can tie photography in with my woodly wanders.

Anyway, just a quick introduction. advice on what type of camera to buy/do research on would be much appreaciated. I don't mind and in fact like doing research so even a general direction to look in would be helopful.


PS. 16 years old and counting ;)
:D Welcome to the site Plankton. I'm from eastern MA.
Welcome aboard.
Ah, another fellow Western MA resident... welcome!
I just moved to Amherst January of '08, originally from the Boston area.

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