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Oct 6, 2010
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Plainwell, MI
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Hi there! Just upgraded from my "point 'n' shoot" to a DSLR and joined this forum so I can read up and get the most from my new camera. Seems like a wealth of knowledge here and folks that are happy to share! Be gentle with the newbie!! :)
Thanks! I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly in a world of photographic acronyms and am wondering where to begin!! :)

My new camera (Canon Rebel XS) is great and the limiting factor is most definitely going to be me.
Hi! Welcome to the forums. I'm about 3 weeks ahead of you, having taken delivery of my Canon at the beginning of September.

Everyone's really nice here :) Have a look round in the beginners' forum. There are some good threads there to help you get started!

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