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    I am a seasoned photographer, but relatively new to the digital world. I'm still learning and adapting to my Canon 50D, and am still accumulating lenses and equipment as money allows.

    I have 4 kids and a wonderful husband. I love photography as a hobby in combination with scrapbooking, but my passion is working with clients (especially children) and the challenge that comes with each new "job."

    That said, I want to learn and grow from other who know more then me, and perhaps give some tips o' the trade to some who are new to the game. I am very, VERY open to comments and criticism because that is how we learn, grow and become better at our craft.

    Um... (I hate how these things always sound like ads in the personals) I live is Southern California and love beach sessions. I am primarily a natural light photographer, but do the occasional wedding and special event too.

    Enough about me! Can't wait to get on the boards and get to know some of you!


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