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Jul 19, 2010
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I can't seem to get a picture of this building that doesn't look like just another snapshot. Any tips to make the picture stand out more? Maybe I just need to wait for better light and a better sky?

The main issue here is that the image is grossly under-exposed. You need to lighten this by at least two stops. I think the sky is fine, but the main reason that it looks like just another snapshot is perspective. You're shooting from the same place that everyone else does when they try and capture this.

I would suggest using a polarizer to eliminate the window reflections and enahnce the sky as well as trying to find a different position from which to shoot; say up higher if possible, or perhaps as a panorama?
I am not gonna comment about composition, but the pic is pretty badly underexposed.
Better ?? Did a quick edit on your shot

I think tirediron said it best.

Some of the other problems can be fixed in post. Adjust the lighting, the color a tad, and correct for what looks to me like a bit of camera distortion.
^ def better.

there has got to be 1million + ways to creatively shoot that building.
get in there!
Thanks for the input. I guess I stopped lightening it up once the sky was exposed well and just thought that was the best exposure I could get overall. A circular polarizing filter is next on my list of things to buy. I don't live too far away, so I can definitely go back and shoot some more from different angles. I think I should make friends with someone who lives there and get some shots from their balcony...
Ah, a building in Montreal I have yet to photograph. Thanks for the reminder, might head out there in a few weeks.
What lens were you using?

Try getting closer and take photos of parts of the building. I would think that there are many angles you can shoot from.
I was just using the kit lens... 18-55mm
Its not a slum at all...its actually a pretty expensive and exclusive place to live.

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