hace adrink with lp


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Feb 10, 2006
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i got whisky and vokda its all good what you lot aving?
Judging by the typing skills in that title...you've already had one too many.

Sorry, sir, I'm cutting you off. :coffee: :whip:
lol ... sounds like you had some :)


today here it was wine only ...

but at home there is lots of whisky and some vodka waiting ;)

won't be home before saturday though ...

cheers mates!
by the way, i was looking at your meetup photos in london, and you all should come over and have one in minnesota, then i'll go ;-)
i was about to leave.... but now i am not.

strange world

damn, getting hungry now... but only sweet things around, nothing to really feed me ...
It is only EARLY in the morning!
No way I am having ANYTHING but coffee at this time of the day!
And for my birthday it was champagne (nothing less) and Ramazotti (had to...), after that only wine (I try never to eat so much that I feel I do need the "Jubi" we have in the freezer, though a nice "Jubi" is to my taste, but only rarely). (No one will know what it is, anyway).

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