Had the grandson this weekend!


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Aug 9, 2010
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NW Indiana
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Any comments and/or help would be greatly appreciated. I was playing with the flash indoors on a couple of these.





Thanks for the help
1. motion blur and harsh flash shadow.
2. not a flattering facial expression + random arm.
3. cute pose/setup, but focus seems to be on the squirrel and not child.
4. no harsh shadows, cute expression, but very snapshot-esque.

I'm sure these shots mean a lot to you b/c of your grandson and will be keepsakes for a long time, but they don't do much for me personally.
I'm only a newbie but here's my comments from what I've learned so far, hope it helps:

1.) motion blur, OOF, harsh shadow on face, overexposed
2.) awkward position (but I know how hard it is to get them to sit still), distracting random arms & he has red eyes
3.) I love this one but I agree that it looks like the focus is more on the squirrel
4.) harsh lighting from flash

Ps: You're grandson is adorable & my son has the same blue outfit with the alligators on it :D
I guess I could make excuses all day long for these pictures, but what it comes down to is I just need a lot more practice. I think the wife will be taking most of the pictures of the grandson with her P&S.

Thanks for the comments!
I have a 20 month old and he's the absolute hardest to practice on cause he's is constantly moving. One thing that I've done is switch to TV mode when photographing him because I can set a higher shutter speed and reduce the motion blur.
cute boy! You must be so proud!
I love the one with the squirrel. Kids are so great! but so hard to shoot! Busy Busy!

Keep it up! I'm sure you will get some shots that you can love for a lifetime!

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