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Feb 7, 2013
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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This scene could have benefited from a ND filter.

What do you think?


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Not unless you were using a tripod. Of course going from ISO 400, where it was shot, to ISO 100 would have given you two stops as well.
Beautiful photography and click.
Beautiful photography and click.

That's pretty much all it was, and I'm decently satisfied with it.

The location is Disney World. I saw it, tried to throw some settings together, and take the photo within 2 or so minutes. I didn't have a tripod for the shot, so I steadied it on the railing.
Why so quick, you ask, on the composition? ....You think a 3 year old has the patience for you to take a picture at Disney World?

This is pretty much my style of photography, so I have to learn to be quick on the draw.

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