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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by his4ever, Dec 5, 2006.

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    sitting at the computer...
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    My first time using a softlight tent(box?). I was kindof in a rush, because this was my dinner and I wanted to eat it...

    I know it came out a little blurry (did not use the tripod, kicking myself now). Any suggestion on how I can make it better next time? Oh and the box only gave me this tiny little hole to put my lense through. What do I do about that?? Thanks
    BTW: It is an Orange Apple Chicken Salad. The chicken was prepared a special way... so it is not the normal salad with the same ingredients. It was too much fun!

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    I actually think getting closer would have helped alot. Try only showing 3/4 of the pan and have the food go into the top left corner of the picture.

    Also, taking away the blur would obviously help as well!

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