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Oct 6, 2010
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Central NJ
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Hey guys I'm Jacob coming from Jersey. No, not south jersey with Snooky and Mike The Situation, Central Jersey. I don't have much photography experience but I have a little. I stayed with one of my relatives in Illinois, and used his d5000 and canon sx20 is. I stayed there for two weeks and did a lot of photography. I just recently ordered a Canon Rebel T1i (500d) as well as a few cheap filters, some close up filters, an Extreme 3 class six hd video memory card, and a camera backpack. I got the HD video extreme 3 because I like video a lot, too. Therefore, I can take pictures and shoot video and not lose any of the quality. It also works at extreme altitudes and temperatures. I plan to take my first pictures of water drops. I will try to contribute, as well as learn, a lot on this site. See me around!

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