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Jan 10, 2021
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I am having much difficulties syncing a strobe to my SL.

My strobe is an AB400 with wireless T and R Buff Cybersync.

My SL is a YN 565EXII connected with a cable to YN 622C, T and R.
Welcom to TPF. I am not familiar with the Yongnuo or Alien Bees flash equipment you have listed, so sorry I can't help. When I'm having problems with flash / strobe units, I make sure all the batteries are fresh / charged, that each unit works as expected on it's own, my cables are good, and the settings on my flash / strobe units are correct, i.e., ttl, slave, master, ... , then I start with one flash unit at a time adding until I've got the setup I want. Good luck!
I am having much difficulties syncing a strobe to my SL.
My strobe is an AB400 with wireless T and R Buff Cybersync.
My SL is a YN 565EXII connected with a cable to YN 622C, T and R.

Welcome aboard FlyGirl ,

Please tell me if my assumptions are correct. You placed a YN 622C Transmitter in your hot shoe and then you place a speedlite YN 565 EX on another YN 622 as a receiver? And you need to sync your AB400 with the Yongnou's Is that correct?

I think simplest way to sync you AB400 studio strobe to your Yongnou would be to set you AB400 to optical slave mode. I don't think the BuFF Cybersync Transmitter and Receiver is compatible with your Yongnou. :)
Thank you, John.

That has to be the problem.
Girl, Welcome!
I don't know much about what you have BUT since the Buff stuff is not gonna pair with the Yongnuo it seems to me you could do it this way.
Put the Yongnuo(Yn) trigger on the camera and the Yn reciever on the SL. the camera should then fire the SL!
Then put the 400 on slave mode and optical trigger, the SL should optically fire the 400.
Most SL can't be fired optically but most strobes can be, or at least that's my experience.
Good luck
Welcome. Long time user of Buff products, the CyberSync trigger is a pretty simple product, but it will only work if you have a one of the following Receivers (CSR, CSRB, CSR+, CSRB+ and CSXCV) connected to your light. It's a dumb system meaning the trigger sends a pulse that causes the receiver to send a pulse to the flash sync cord connected to the flash. To the best of my knowledge any flash you put in the receiver will fire. The AB400 does not have an internal receiver capable of wireless reception. The CyberSync operates on 2.4 GHz band, I've never trled it so I don't know if the signal sent by the CyberSync trigger will communicate directly with The Yongnu. The AB400 can be fired remotely as an optical slave. When the slave is toggled any bright light sensed will fire the AB at whatever setting you have it set for. The Youngnu has the same optical slave mode.

If all you want to do is trigger all of the lights, rather than using the Buff or Youngnu trigger, you can use a simple cheap trigger such as this https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Wirel...coding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=P33GY8227WRHDM8BZHF2

So far nothing I've described gives you the power to remotely "adjust" the AB400, to do that you need the Cyber Commander and compatible receiver for same. The CC allows you adjust the flash power and modeling light as well as fire the unit wirelessly. Be aware this equipment is not compatible with other manufacturers equipment, you'd still have a dumb Youngnu, but I do know that receivers for the CC will fire other manufacturers strobes/flashes (they just won't provide any wireless adjustments)

Having used the CC for many years, it would be hard to use anything else. I have all my lighting setups saved, so a click of the button, I'm ready to go. Plus the ability to adjust individual lights or the group without leaving my camera is priceless.
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