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    Hello to everyone. My name is Roman and I am the Owner of the Marketing Maximum company. We help to:

    1. Promote you as an Expert.
    2. Dominate local searches in your area for keywords related to your business. You get more calls.
    3. Dominate first page of Google if somebody searches for your name or your company name. Get 10 results on first page instead of 1 or 2
    4. Brand your company
    5. Create Ecommerce sales channels for your products and services. You get more sales.
    6. Find partners to promote for you.
    7. Press releases, articles. More traffic to your website.
    8. Promotional videos and branded Youtube channel
    9. Install automated email marketing system for you. Build list of clients, automatically communicate with them through prewritten educational and sales messages. You can sell to same people again and again.

    Here is a recent testimonial I got from my Uk client:

    Victoria Bennett, Victoria B Photography

    “Roman at Marketing Maximum has helped me to build ideas and generate the basis of my marketing plan for my photography business. We have done this over the telephone and though we have never met face-to-face, Roman was able to gather the information required about my business via a structured questionnaire. Through this process, he recognised the areas that I need to focus on and has given structure to my marketing plan. He has been available on the telephone when I needed, making communication quick and easy. I would recommend Roman to anyone who needs help creating and implementing their marketing plan.”

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    Welcome from Thailand

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