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Aug 12, 2013
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Southwestern PA
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This is gonna be a long one so if you're interested you better get a beer or coffee or something.

Well I haven't had much to do with photography since I sold my studio in 2000. Long story short I had a studio for 15 years. I started out with a brand new private pilot's license and a 35 mm Nikkormat EL that I picked up in Korea in the army and called myself an aerial photographer and started a business called 'Sky Shots.' I actually got some regular customers, mostly commercial real estate brokers. Then one day I came across a brochure (this was pre-internet) from Dynacolor Graphics in Miami who are a broker for reasonably priced 4-color printing e.g. postcards, brochures etc.

I made some cold calls and sold some printing like postcards catalog sheets etc. All four color. All of a sudden there was a need to photograph some of the products that were on the brochures I was selling. I did have some photographic experience such as black and white darkroom printing as a high school student but the art of lighting was my weak spot. I had no idea the amount of knowledge and talent and experience needed to properly light people and products with off-camera lighting.

I spent a ton of money on Norman lighting equipment and huge softboxes and umbrellas and my pride and joy camera was a medium format Mamiya RB67. I learned how to use the RB67 from the doctor I purchased it from; from an ad in the paper. I had no clue how to even hold it. It had an image size on film of 6x7cm. I guess I got pretty good because I started getting so busy that I was at the studio night and day.

I have to say I regret that I missed a lot of my 2 sons growing up while I was at work til 2 or3am many nights. Okay we got that out of the way and we'll stick to the positive photography stuff. I got a lot of candy accounts somehow. I was now using a 4X5 view camera for commercial shots of small products for fund-raising brochures, catalogs ets. Imagine a transperancy that is 4x5 inches! This was nice catalog quality stuff. I was starting to work with ad agencies and their necessary evils called art directors. Well save that for another time. I am a gadget freak to the nth degree and I was always trading my medium format cameras, which I was now using for weddings and portraits, for the latest greatest newest medium format camera. Some of my favorites are the Hasselblad 500cm, Mamiya RB, Mamiya (RZ my favorite), Bronica SQa, Pentax medium format and more.

Well if you're still with me I thank you for that. I haven't really had the desire to pick up a camera since 2000 because I got totally burned out by letting the work control me instead of the other way around--and it cost me dearly.

So what brings me here? Well my brother, who has about 5 DSLR's gave me a Sony A900 body, and a grip and a flash. All very lightly used and still in the boxes. For some reason I have the bug to do some city scapes and especially some upcomong autumn foliage which will present itself in less that 2 months. I've really got the bug. I've got to find a lens though and money is a little tight as I have gone back to school at 59. School starts in October and when I know the schedule I'll find a job to work around it. Can someone recommend a G lens for the Sony (it doesn't have to be a Sony brand) that is reasonable priced?

Please feel free to make comments or ask questions.

I hope I didn't put you all to sleep with my rambling
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to TPF.

Did I read that right--you're buying us ALL a BEER? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum! :) It sounds like you have a wealth of experience as a pro and know your way around a darkroom, too. Very cool. Happy to hear you're back into photography for enjoyment this time, although we have plenty of film enthusiasts here, too.

Keep posting, and enjoy the forum!
Great intro & welcome to the forum!
Thank you for the kind words.

Yes I do have some professional experience that I would be glad to share.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to digital...I'm a newbie. That's what brought me here.

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