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Jun 17, 2013
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Hey everyone. My name is Max, and I've lived in South Florida for most of my life. I started college two years ago at The Ohio State University, so I live in Ohio most of the year now. I recently decided to take the plunge into photography as I've been considering it for years. I'm big into the car scenes and I've been working on my Volvo 850 for a couple years now. A lot of my buddies who work on/race cars love photography so I figured I'd join in on the fun.

I decided to start my journey into photography now since I'm going to Yellowstone National park in a few weeks with my family and I would love to take some nice high quality shots of the scenery over there. I purchased a Nikon D5000 off of eBay the other day and I am really excited. I intend to photograph mainly landscape, cars (static and dynamic), and action sports (mountain biking and anything else that can get my adrenaline up).

Also, I'd like to learn how to use image editing software. My dad gave me a copy of Photoshop Lightroom, so that is what I intend to start with. I definitely know nothing about that. I intend to learn about photography through DSLR Photography for Dummies and a yet to be decided textbook on Lightroom.

I'm always ready to learn so if anyone has advice for me, whatever it may be about, I'd really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Welcome. I'm also from south Florida! Living in Arizona right now.
O-H-I-O!! Sorry, I lived in Ohio most of my life... I live in Wyoming now so I take any chance I get to shout "Go Bucs!"
I'm new here too so "hey".

Also-- Lightroom rocks my socks so learn it and you will love it. If you want Photoshop I highly recommend Elements because it is user friendly and does most of what full Photoshop does... its made for people who aren't studying graphic design. (I did study graphic design and have a serious heart for Photoshop but still use Elements at home) Second, I recommend ALL books by Scott Kelby on digital photography. They really helped me and there are 4 of them... I checked them out from the library so I didn't invest any $$.
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Welcome. Hang around here, post pictures, ask questions. Also read anything and everything about photography, watch youtube videos and take lots of pictures.

Good luck on your journey, it's a fun ride.
Welcome to the site.

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