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Mar 17, 2009
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Hello to all! As my screen name says, I am a mom of 2 competitive swimmers. After monkeying around with point and shoot cameras, I received a Rebel XTi last year, and am learning how to use it. I bought a Tamrom 70-300 lens to zoom more, but still don't get results that I like all the time. I'm looking forward to learning more here, as well as in a Sports Photography class I am taking later this month.

Thanks to Sodak for inviting me here!
Welcome to ThePhotoForum, says one swimmom to the other swimmom :D.
While I once was mom to TWO competitive swimmers, I now am mom to just one as my son stopped the sports, went to do triathlon, and is now busy reading at uni in his first year, so competitive sports are on the backburner for him for the time being. But my daughter is still at it.

So you're interested in sports photography?
You might like to check out the one album in my flickr called "Bezirksmeisterschaften 2008" (something like that) - while it was my task to capture the entire ATMOSPHERE of that competition, so that you'll also see a good many pics of "just people who were there", I also took a lot of photos of the swimmers. Mostly taken with my Sigma 70-300mm and my Rebel XT.
Thanks LaFoto! Some really great pics on your flickr!
LOL, I mainly delete them if I'm not happy. :)
Hi Swimmom, and welcome to the forum! You'll have a lot of fun with that camera and lens!

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