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Help appreciated!


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Jan 30, 2012
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United States
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I understand that I am not professional or even that good yet; however, I have been reading and researching all aspects of photography. I am very interested in learning! I have printed, read, and referenced them repeatedly. I am now looking for tips, opinions and help. I would appreciate feedback! Thank you!
I think it's a beautiful picture. It's focused well. It might be good to expose it slightly more, but I think it looks pretty good as is, too. :)
The difference between a "Good" shot and a "Great" shot is frequently in attention to details. Exposure, composition, everything. Look at the foreground, look at the background, look at the subject. Look at everything.

I can't decide whether this one is sepia toned or just washed out color. I like the depth of field but it is cropped too tightly and makes the dog look cramped. Give him a little room to breathe. And speaking of breathing there is a bunch of hair right in front of his nose that once seen cannot be unseen.
Thank you for the input. It was indeed sepia...and a quick vacuuming was necessary I noticed too, post photo of course :( Here is the original image

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