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Aug 16, 2013
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Hello, everyone!

I am in need of assistance deciding what my first DSLR camera should be? My 2 choices that I need your decision about, are the:

Nikon D5100


Canon 600D

I ONLY want your opinions about these two cameras, unless you have found a 'better' cheap DSLR!
Thank you very much for helping me out, I TREMENDOUSLY need your opinion!

Again, thank you soo soo much!
:D :D :D

I have a completely un-biased opinion about both brands/cameras. I can't really spend more than $500-$550 so, yeah, that's kind of why I picked these two.
I am not a beginner in photography/videography, but wouldn't call myself a pro by any means.
You can also tell me why you like one better than the other, if you want.

The photo quality matters just as much as video quality (even though some people think that DSLR's should only be used for photos)
I need them both.
Yes, I know these cameras aren't the best, but there what I need right now/what I can afford right now.
You may give me tips for lenses, too, if you want.

I have a pretty good knowledge about cameras/photography/videography FYI.

Thanks everyone, you're a huge help! (You can call me Luke
I would go with Chev over Ford, i mean the Canon 600D

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